All-Terrain' Lightweight Easy Folding Wire-Framed Collapsible Travel Pet Playpen - Black/White (1PPBW)


The Pet Life 'All-Terrain' Lightweight Easy Folding Collapsible Travel Dog Playpen is composed of High-Grade Mesh and Scratch-Resistant Nylon making it tough enough to place anywhere. Your pet can enjoy a 360 Degree view of the outdoors from this Pet Playpen. You can safely keep additional belongings in the large Velcro-Pouch attached to the side of the Playpen. This Dog Playpen also features above on the top Removable Mesh Netting which prevents your pet from jumping out of the Pet Play Pen. Storage is not a problem as you can easily Collapse and Fold the Playpen to 4 inches thin when not in use. It is great for both indoor and outdoor settings giving you the option to move it around wherever you are. The Playpen also features a handle bar for dragging and comes with an Over-The-Shoulder Scratch-Resistant Ballistic Nylon case. It also comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) Length * Width * Height
MD: 29 * 29 * 17
LG: 42 * 42 * 24