Folding Zippered Lightweight Wire-Framed Easy Folding Pet Crate (H1DS)


The Pet Life Folding Zippered Collapsible Wire-Framed EASY HOUSE Dog Crate is a lightweight Pet Crate which enables you to carry your pet with ease. It is composed of Dura-Tough Scratch-Resistant Ballistic Nylon. This Dog Crate has Mesh panels on three sides with a Mesh Zippered Entrance in the front. It also has a Velcro Pouch in front where you can conveniently place your belongings. This Dog Crate is great for indoor as well as outdoor use. The Reversible Dog Cushion is composed of Reversible Sherpa and Scratch-Resistant Nylon. Being lightweight and transportable, this Pet Crate Carrier folds to 2 inches narrow making it easy to carry and store when not in use.

XS: 19.3*13.4*13.4
SM: 22.8*15.7*15.7
MD: 27.5*20.5*20.5
LG: 31.9*22.8*22.8
XL: 35.8*24.8*24.8